McKay | Office
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Federico McKay
Federico McKay Alliende


Law, Universidad de Chile (1991)

Postgraduate in Tax Law, Universidad de Los Andes (2008)

Jorge Peredo Nacrur
Jorge Ignacio Peredo Nacrur


Law, Universidad de Los Andes (2011)

Academic Certificate of Specialization in Business Law, Universidad de los Andes (2011)

Alejandro Cuevas Pizarro
Alejandro Cuevas Pizarro



Law, Universidad de Chile (2010)

Gustavo Martin
Gustavo Adolfo Martin Peña


Law, Universidad Católica de Chile (2017)

Academic Certificate of Specialization in Economic and Commercial Law, Universidad Católica de Chile (2017)

Postgraduate Diploma Degree in Labor Law and Labor Relations, Universidad de Chile (Faculty of Law)

Nicolás Fonseca
Nicolás Fonseca Melín

Administrative Assistant


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